Indoor / Home IP Cameras

Indoor / Home IP Cameras

Wholesale IP Cameras From China

Indoor / Home IP Cameras

GadgetEmporium`s indoor / home IP Cameras are small and compact, made to fit in any crevice or mounted on the ceiling for optimal surveillance. Due to their size, these cameras are ideally placed in harder to reach locations and used to keep an eye on a specific high-importance area, for example safes, lockers, near bank tellers, on office desks, etc.

1080p Indoor IP Camera

1080p Indoor IP Camera - 1/3 Inch CMOS, IR Cut, 5M Night Vision, WiFi, App ..

$70.00 $87.50

360 Degree Fisheye IP Camera

360 Degree Fisheye IP Camera - 3 Megapixel, 1/2.5 Inch CMOS, ONVIF Support,..

$183.00 $223.50

360-Degree IP Camera

360-Degree IP Camera - Motion Detection, Wireless, Night Vision, App Suppor..

$66.00 $92.00

360-Degree IP Camera Light Bulb

360-Degree IP Camera Light Bulb - HD Video, Motion Detection, App Support, ..

$48.50 $66.00

Bug Zapper IP Camera

IP Camera - Light Bulb Design, Bug Zapper, Motion Detection, App Support, 1..

$93.50 $113.50

HD Security Camera

HD Security Camera - Indoor Usage, 1/4-Inch CMOS, Motion Detection, Night V..

$32.50 $42.50

Indoor HD IP Camera

Indoor HD IP Camera - 1/4-Inch CMOS, 720p, 10m Night Vision, Motion Detecti..

$43.00 $55.00

Indoor IP Camera

Indoor IP Camera - 1/4 Inch CMOS, PTZ, Remote Access, Motion Detection, IR ..

$55.00 $77.00

Indoor IP Camera

Indoor IP Camera - 1/4 Inch CMOS Sensor, 10m Night Vision, HD 720p, Remote ..

$63.50 $85.00

IP Camera Neo Coolcam NIP-61GE

IP Camera Neo Coolcam NIP-61GE - 1MP CMOS, 720p, IR Cut, 10m Night Vision, ..

$33.00 $44.50

IP Security Camera

IP Security Camera - 720p, Motion Detection, App Control, 1/4 Inch CMOS, 55..

$33.00 $44.50

LED Light Security Camera

LED Light Bulb Security Camera - 360-Degree Fisheye, Motion Detection, WiFi..

$82.00 $98.00

Mini WiFi Camera

Mini WiFi Camera - 10MP CMOS, 720p HD Footage, 150-Degree Angle, Motion Det..

$78.50 $95.50

SecuPlug+ SP05 IP Camera

SecuPlug+ SP05 IP Camera - 960P, Wi-Fi, Smartphone App, 960P, Motion Detect..

$40.00 $55.00

Wearable Mini WiFi Camera

Wearable Mini WiFi Camera - 720p Resolution, Motion Detection, CMOS Sensor,..

$61.00 $87.00

Wi-Fi IP Camera

Wi-Fi IP Camera - 1/3 Inch CMOS Sensor, HD 720p, 3X Optical Zoom, Night Vis..

$81.50 $97.50
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